Lunch Meetings

All lunch meetings are held at :

Greek Islands Restaurant

300 E. 22nd Street

Lombard, IL 60148



Meeting Schedule 2019/20  

September 12, 2019

November 14, 2019

January 9, 2020

March 12, 2020

May 14, 2020


Golf Outing 

We take a break from our Lunch and Learn in June of every year to host our

Annual Golf Outing

2020 Golf Outing:

Wednesday, June 17, 2020  


Old Oak Country Club

14200 S. Parker

Homer Glen, IL 60491


Contact : T.R. Coppock 630-932-0707

For Sponsorship opportunities please contact


Chuck Stoll

Chuck is the Past President of our Association and works for Sedgwick. 


Adjuster's Association of Chicago


T.R. Coppock

Tim is the President for the Association and an adjuster at L.J. Shaw..

Kathy Bubeck

Kath is the Secretary-Treasurer for the Association and the VP Claims at Badger Mutual. 


Devin Moran

Devin is the Vice-President for the Association and an adjuster at The Sander Group. 

The History of the Association 

Our Association is believed to have started in the early 1940's. Our complete records no longer exist but we can trace our Past Presidents back to 1976. The fine people that have served our Association and Industry are:

Jerry Garder                           Selwny Leslie                 2001

Robert M. Hall          1977       Gordon Balsano              2002

Lew Rogers              1979        Nino A. Berardi              2003

Chuck Rhodes           1981       Gerald Hayes                 2004

Stephen S. Hastings  1982        Amy O'Rourke                2005

Richard G. Kiefer      1984       Paul A. VanDerHeyden    2006

Walt Churan             1985       James Mitidero               2007

Ms. Mickey Krick       1987       Matthew M. Wiegos         2008

William L. Hall         1988       Paul A. Rogers                 2009

Paul Petrovich           1989      Timothy E. Coppock        2010

Theresa Noska          1990       Barry Gardner                2011

James Peterson         1991      Tom Dunmore                 2012

Barry Gardner           1992       Mike Churan                  2013

Craig Ramsay            1993       Mark Eriksen                 2014

Dennis Joyce             1994       David Hausch                2015

Chuck Fetter             1995       Kevin Young                  2016-17

Ralph Janke              1996       Bob Matthys                  2018

Matthew Greene        1997      Chuck Stoll                    2019 

Margaret Smith          1998

William J. Jensen       1999

Michael R. Schwartz   2000